Ujung Genteng West Java

Ujung Genteng....Maybe this is the first time to hear the name of this place, its also silly when we interpreted as a general. Actually Ujung Genteng is a place in the southern coast of West Java, located ± 200 km from the city of Jakarta. Ujung Genteng is Sukabumi’s government territory. Most of the occupant are fisherman, farmer and some are turning to nira tappers to makes palm sugar​​. Actually, the name comes from the Edge tiles of scissors edge, wich is, Ujung Genteng position is located at one of the corner of West Java island which have shaped like scissors.View all...


Gunung Padang Situs Mega Lithikum

Gunung Padang is one of tourism place in West Java, precisely in Cianjur  wich lot of myths that still need to revealed and its realy interesting to find about the true story. It was said that Gunung Padang is a worship place for the people who lived in there about 2000 years ago before century. But behind of every myths, Gunung Padang would make every visitor feeling satisfied with the view of this place.View all...


Bali Adventure Tour

Bali Adventure Tour is an operational tour that organize every activity wich are having international standard. Starting with rafting, river kayaking (paddling in the river), white water rafting, jungle tracking, mountain biking and many more facilities that will be presented. It would be more fun if you having interaction with lot of elephant at Bali Elephant Park.View all...


Enchantment of North Sumatra


Tourism places in North Sumatra is very diverse, from beautiful natural view, culture, arts, crafts, and typical food of this place. At some area, called as Medan city wich can be reached in three or four hours, we could find lot of excotic and great natural view. The blue expanse water of Toba, a vulcanic lake wich having lenght about 100 km and 30 km widht. This is realy interesting to visit


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Our Tour Packages
Bali 3Days 2Night

You would get farious tourism place in Bali. Lot of things to choose and endless of joy. From natural eco tourism of mountains to marine sea travel, you must visit!

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Yogyakarta 4Days

Million charm of Bukit Bintang Jogja that are becoming more attractive. We can see panoramic view of the Yogyakarta city on the hill.

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Jakarta Bandung Special Tour

People who lives in Jakarta and Bandung must be know about this place, Trip to Puncak (Peak) in West Java which has natural stretch of tea garden, realy stunning.

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Padang Bukit Tinggi Tour

Bukit Tinggi Padang is famous with the beautiful natural scenery. The weather is realy fresh, match with the green hills and valleys. Forming variation of beautiful natural scenery.

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Memories Bali Tour

Bali has a million charm those are realy pity to missed. Famous by Kuta and Sanur beach, but if further down more, Bali still have lot of enchantment tourism destination.

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Jogja Overland Tour

Visiting to the palace, Taman Pintar, and visit the famous areas in Jogja like Kota Gede which became the center of silver art.

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Raja Ampat Charm

Raja Ampat has lot of potentials marine tourism like Kofiau Island, Misool, South, and West as well Waigeo Ayau Islands.

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Taman Safari Puncak Bogor

A very interesting recreational place to visit, there are many interesting objects in the region that collect many different types of animals.

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One Day Tuor KidZania

Kidzania recreation center concept is a unique edutainment for children aged 2-16 years and their parents.

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