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Bali is a tourist center in Indonesia. Many say that you have not been to Indonesia if it had never been to Bali. The island of Bali is a favorite destination of travelers from abroad and locally, this is because Bali is also the cultural diversity of natural attractions extraordinary
In general, Bali province consists of several islands, the island of Bali as the largest island, the island of Nusa Penida, Pulau Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan Island, Pulau Menjangan attacks and located on the western island of Bali. The island of Bali itself is located between two large islands, the island of Java in the west and the island of Lombok in the east

Famous Bali island has beautiful beaches such as Kuta and Sanur beach, Bali island but also has a beautiful mountainous area, between the mountains there are mountains on the island of Bali is Mount Batur (1717 meters) and Gunung Agung (3142 meters). While that is not volcanic mountains include Mount Merbuk (1356 meters), Mount Patas (1414 meters) and Gunung Seraya (1058 meters) and some other mountains. The existence of these mountains caused the geographic area of Bali is divided into two unequal parts, namely North Bali with a narrow lowland and less sloping and south Bali with a broad lowland and sloping. In addition, the Province of Bali also has four lakes, namely Lake Buyan, Lake Beratan, Lake Tamblingan, and Lake Batur. The combination of topography on the making Lanscape Bali is perfect for tourism.










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Our Tour Packages
Bali 3Days 2Night

You would get farious tourism place in Bali. Lot of things to choose and endless of joy. From natural eco tourism of mountains to marine sea travel, you must visit!

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Yogyakatra 4Days

Million charm of Bukit Bintang Jogja that are becoming more attractive. We can see panoramic view of the Yogyakarta city on the hill.

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Jakarta Bandung Special Tour

People who lives in Jakarta and Bandung must be know about this place, Trip to Puncak (Peak) in West Java which has natural stretch of tea garden, realy stunning.

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Padang Bukit Tinggi Tour

Bukit Tinggi Padang is famous with the beautiful natural scenery. The weather is realy fresh, match with the green hills and valleys. Forming variation of beautiful natural scenery.

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Memories Bali Tour

Bali has a million charm those are realy pity to missed. Famous by Kuta and Sanur beach, but if further down more, Bali still have lot of enchantment tourism destination.

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Jogja Overland Tour

Visiting to the palace, Taman Pintar, and visit the famous areas in Jogja like Kota Gede which became the center of silver art.

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Raja Ampat Charm

Raja Ampat has lot of potentials marine tourism like Kofiau Island, Misool, South, and West as well Waigeo Ayau Islands.

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Taman Safari Puncak Bogor

A very interesting recreational place to visit, there are many interesting objects in the region that collect many different types of animals.

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One Day Tuor KidZania

Kidzania recreation center concept is a unique edutainment for children aged 2-16 years and their parents.

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